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The Accidentals "Odyssey" (CD, Sony Masterworks, 2017). ??

Adam Ezra Group "Hurricane Wind" (Download, 2017). ?? Download "Hurricane Wind" @ NoiseTrade!

Kyle Alden "Down in the West Volume 2" (CD, ??, 2017). ??

Jim Allchin "Decisions" (CD, Own label, 2017). ?? Check out "Bad Decisions" @ YouTube!

Esteban Alvarez "Tico Groove" (CD, Own label, 2013). ??

Hector Anchondo Band "Roll the Dice" (CD, Own label, 2017). ??

Courtney Marie Andrews "Heart and Mind" (Video, 2017). ?? Watch "Heart and Mind" @ YouTube!

Chris Antonik "Monarch" (CD, Own label, 2017). ??


Amy Speace, Emily Barker & Amber Rubarth "Applewood Road" (CD, ??, 2017). Watch the “Applewood Road” music video @ YouTube!

Axum "Northern Lights" (EP, Own label, 2017). ??

Ron Beer "From Austin with Love" (CD, Own label, 2016??). ??

Srdjan Beronja "Sounds of the East" (CD, ARC Music, 2016). Serbian composer Srdjan Beronja presents here an album of field recordings from remote locations, featuring dawn Chorus, the hissing of cobras, or the creaks of a wooden water wheel. These sounds are combined with newly composed traditional music sounds from India,the Balkans and the Middle East, on darabuka, pud, sitar and other instruments.

Beyond The Fields "The Canterbury Tales" (Video, 2017). ?? Watch "The Canterbury Tales" live 2017 @ YouTube!

Billy T Band "Reckoning" (CD, Big H Records, 2016). ??

Blind Lemon Pledge and Friends "Backwoods Glance" (CD, Own label, 2017). ??

Blind Willies "Every Day Is Judgment Day" (CD, Own label, 2014). ?? Check out Blind Willies @ BandCamp!

Joe Bonamassa "Live At Carnegie Hall – An Acoustic Evening" (CD/DVD, ??, 2016??). ?? Watch "The Valley Runs Low" from "Live At Carnegie Hall – An Acoustic Evening" @ YouTube!

Billy Bragg "The Sleep Of Reason" (Single/Video, ??, 2017). ?? Watch, download or listen to ‘The Sleep Of Reason’ @ YouTube!

Breabach "Astar" (CD, Breabach Records, 2016). ?? Check out "Astar" @ BandCamp! Watch the album making of @ YouTube!

Qristina Brooke "Hogeyed Foxhunter" (Video, 2016). ?? Watch the live performance of the traditional tunes 'Hog Eyed Man' and 'Foxhunter's' from the upcoming album using a loop station to record live loops and layer octave and unison fiddle parts over the original melody @ YouTube!


Chastity Brown "Silhouette of Sirens" (CD, ??, 2016??). ??

Sammy Brue "I'm Not Your Man" (Video, 2017). ?? Watch "I'm Not Your Man" @ YouTube!

Cie Rassegna "Il sole non si muove" (CD, Buda Musique, 2017). This album explores songs from the 16th century, from different Mediterranean countries as well as from England (the latter ones feeling somewhat out of place on this album). Most of the tracks of this 8 piece ensemble are focussed on vocal arrangements, and while many are based on authentic arrangements, others have more modern arrangements - for example there's a very odd spoken word/rap version of "The three ravens".

Kathryn Claire "Bones Will Last" (CD, ??, 2017). ?? Watch "Bones Will Last" @ YouTube!

Slaid Cleaves "Ghost On The Car Radio" (CD, Candy House Media, 2017). ??

Davis Coen "These Things Shall Pass" (CD, Soundview, 2017). ?? Check out Davis Coen's YouTube channel!

Thornetta Davis "Honest Woman" (CD, Own label, 2016). ??

Joe Deegan "Cover and Title Page" (CD, Own label, 2017). ??

Deer Tick "Deer Tick Vol. 1", "Deer Tick Vol. 2" (CD, Partisan Records, 2017). ??

Delta Moon "??" (Video, 2017). ??

Divanhana "Live in Mostar" (CD, ARC Music, 2017). The band aims to revive the Sevdah music style of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The six musicians feature piano, accordion, bass guitar, drums and percussion, with the music focussed on the vocals of Naida Catic. This live music CDalso features a bonus DVD of a live video recording of the concert plus interviews. Watch "Oj Safete, Sajo, Sarajlijo" live in Mostar 2016 @ Vimeo!

Dogs Love Company "Ballate Folk ed Altre Storie" (EP, Kultmusic Italhouse, 2017). ?? Watch "Mare maje" @ YouTube!

Jerry Douglas "Tour de Jerry: Explorations Via Dobro" (Download, 2017). ??

Dubhlinn "Live" (CD, Own label, 2016??). ?? Watch Dubh Linn live at The Murray's, Dublin @ YouTube!

Amy Duncan "Antidote" (CD, Filly, 2017). ?? Watch Amy Duncan live at Edinburgh Fringe 2016 @ YouTube!

Justin Townes Earle "Kids in the Street" (CD/Download, ??, 2017). ?? Download the "Kids In The Street" Singles Pack and PledgeMusic Acoustic Sessions @ NoiseTrade!

Aaron English "american [fever] dream" (CD, ??, 2017). ??

Fionia Stringband "Råt for usødet / Rough'n ready" (CD, GO Danish Folk Music, 2014). This album transports the listener directly to the Island of Funen in Denmark, with its authentic interpretations of traditional Danish dance tunes, on two fiddles and a piano or trump organ. The stringband is a trio made up of violinists Michael Graubaek and Jens Kroman and Theis Langlands on piano and pump organ.

Micki Free "Tattoo Burn-Redux" (CD, Mysterium Blues Records, 2017). ?? Watch Micki Free live at Antone's, Austin, TX with Gary Clark Jr.@ YouTube!

Bev Grant "It's Personal" (CD, Own label, 2017). ??

Annie Gallup "Lucy Remembers Her Father" (CD, Flyaway Hair, 2017). ??

Anne Girard Eposito "La flute traversiere" (CD, Bemol productions, 2017). The subtitle "one instrument - one artist" is not quite accurate for this album, as on the majority of tracks this French flautist is joined by one or two guest musicians (on accordion, guitar, violin, bodyran, bouzouki). However, the focus of every single tune is on Anne's skilful playing on her traverse flute. Even though she originally was classical trained, she is now a very confident traditional player. Most of the tunes are traditional Celtic tracks, from Brittany, Scotland and Ireland, and have a haunting beauty about them.

Ben Glover & Natalie Schlabs "Fall Apart" (Single, 2017). ??

The Gordon Meier Blues Experience "Magic Kingdom" (CD, Own label, 2017). ??

Green Moon "Tyto Alba" (CD, Home Records, 2017). ?? Watch "Emando" from the new album "Tyto Alba" @ YouTube!

Jim Gustin & Truth Jones "Memphis" (CD, Own label, 2017). ?? Check out the title track "Memphis" @ YouTube!

Loretta Hagen "Lucky Stars" (CD, Bearfort, 2017). ??

Lorin Hart "Love Come Back" (CD, Glass Mountain Music, 2015). ?? Check out Lorin Hart's releases @ BandCamp!

Hartyga feat. Andrey Bardin "Fugue for steppe with organ" (CD, Sketis Music, 2016). ??

Hometown Marie "Wilde Side" (EP, Own label, 2016??). ?? Check out Hometown Marie's YouTube channel!

The Hooten Hallers "Further From Shore" (Video, 2017). ?? Watch "Further From Shore" @ American Songwriter!

Hurricane Ruth "Ain't Ready for the Grave" (CD, Hurricane Ruth Records, 2017). ?? Check out "Far from the Cradle" (a line of the song delivered the album's title) @ YouTube!

Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit "The Nashville Sound" (CD, Southeastern Records/Thirty Tigers, 2017). ??

Ivor S.K. "Montserrat" (CD, Own label, 2017). ??

Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra "Waves" (CD, Own label, 2017). This American band is the brainchild of musician, composer and artistic director Jennifer Cutting. The music is heavily influenced by British folk rock traditions, with the songs largely composed by Jennifer. The band features accordion, bouzouki, guitars, fiddle, e bass, drums and on occasions highland bagpipes. Vocals are contibuted by Lisa Moscatiello.

Jenny & Tyler "Fix You" (Video, 2017). ?? Watch theb Coldplay cover "Fix You" (feat. The Gray Havens) @ YouTube!

Robb Johnson (feat. Fae Simon & The Corbynistas) "I'm Voting Labour Next Thursday" (Single/Download, 2017). ?? Watch "I'm Voting Labour Next Thursday" @ YouTube!

Brian Ashley Jones "Out Of The City" (CD, Own label, 2015). ??

Susan Kane "Mostly Fine" (CD, Own label, 2016). ??

Judy Kass "Beyond the Ash and Steel" (CD, Own label, 2016). ??

Kathy & The Kilowatts "Let's Do This Thing!" (CD, Lectro Fin Records, 2017). Call Me Mrs Blues ?? Watch "Bird In The Hand", "It Hurts Me Too" & "Loveaholic"!


Mamak Khadem & Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra "BBC Persian TV" (Video, 2017). ?? Check it out @ YouTube!

The Jeremy Kittel Band "Award-winning Fiddler Jeremy Kittel Debuts As Bandleader At Telluride Bluegrass" (Podcast, 2017). ??

Jim Koeppel "RSVP to Paradise" (EP, Jongleur, 2016). ?? Watch ?? @ YouTube!

Mick Kolassa and Mark Telesca "You Can't Do That" (CD, Own label, 2017). ?? Check out "Can't Buy Me Love" from Mark Telesca vive on BRI TV @ YouTube!

Emma Langford "Emma Langford" (EP, Own label, 2016). ?? Listen to Emma Langford's debut self-titled EP @ @ BandCamp, watch "The Seduction of Eve" @ YouTube!

Lautari "??" (Video, 2016-2017). ??

LazyEye "Pocket the Black" (CD, ??, 2016). ?? Check out "Pocket the Black" @ BandCamp, watch Lazy Eye live from B.B. Kings Blues Club, Memphis @ YouTube!

Emmanuel Lemare "L'ile d'Innesfree" (CD, Own/Coop Breizh, 2016). French uilleann piper and flautist Emmanuel Lemare presenting his range of skills, on solo and ensemble pieces, with tunes originating mainly in Ireland, but also from the balkans, Galicia , and by composers such as Tom Waits and Vivaldi! He also provides a few English songs and poetry. He is accompanied on some pieces on guitar, accordion and flute, and violin.

Lightnin' Willie "No Black No White Just Blues" (CD, Little Dog Records, 2017). ??

Lost Brothers "Bird Dogs Tapes" (CD, ??, 2016??). ?? Watch "So Long Marianne", "Wild Mountain Thyme" & "Mr Mudd and Mr Gold"!

Low Society "Sanctified" (CD, Rezonate Records, 2017). ??

Carrington MacDuffie "Rock Me to Mars" (EP, Pointy Head Records, 2017). ?? Watch the title track from the EP "Rock Me To Mars" @ YouTube!

Janiva Magness "Blue Again" (EP, Blue Elan Records, 2017). ?? Listen to "I Can Tell" @ YouTube!

Mandolin Orange "Take This Heart Of Gold", "Silver Dagger" (Video, 2017). ??

Sandra Marielle "Six Stories Seven Years" (EP, Own label, 2016). ?? Check out the Behind the Scenes teaser @ YouTube!

Владимир Марков / Vladimir Markov "Вне времён. Русская варганная музыка / Out of time. Russian jew’s harp music" (CD, Sketis Music, 2016). ??

Will T. Massey "30 Years in the Rearview" (CD, Route 61 Music, 2016). ?? Watch "A Summertime Graveyard" & "Letters in the Wind"!

Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys "Never Trust the Living" (CD, Own label, 2016??). ??

Amy McAllister "String on String" (CD, ??, 2017). ?? Watch some Jigs, the traditional "Over the Mountain" or the original "Mi Amor"!

John McNamara "Rollin' With It" (CD, Bahool Records/Black Market Music, 2017). ?? Check out the "Rollin' With It" album promo @ YouTube!

Steve McNaughton "Eagles Aloft" (CD, Own label, 2013). ??

Mehmet Polat Trio "Live in Bimhuis", "Everything is in you" (Video, 2017). ?? Check out "Live in Bimhuis" & "Everything is in you"!

Monster Mike Welch and Mike Ledbetter "Right Place, Right Time" (CD, Delta Groove Music, 2017). ?? Watch "Right Place, Wrong Time" from Chicago Blues Fest 2016 @ YouTube!

David M'ore "Passion, Soul & Fire" (CD, Own label, 2015). ?? Check out the album trailer @ YouTube!

Vin Mott "Quit the Woman for the Blues" (CD, Own label, 2017). ?? Watch the promo video @ YouTube!

Mr. Sipp "Knock A Hole In It" (CD, The Malaco Music Group, 2017). ?? Watch "Stalking Me" @ YouTube!

Chris Murphy "Hard Bargain" (CD, Teahouse Records, 2017). ??

Aoife O'Donovan "The King of All Birds" (Video, 2017). ?? Watch "The King of All Birds” @ YouTube!

Seosamh O Flaithearta with Tom Cullivan "Classic Songs" (CD Clo Iar-Channacht, 2016). This album brings together Irish traditional singer Seosamh O Flaithearta and piano player Tom Cullivan. The songs are a collection of traditional songs in English and Gaelic language, presented in a very classic Irish trad style.

Polly O'Keary and The Rhythm Method "Black Crow Callin'" (CD, Own label, 2017). ??

Bobby Osborne "Original" (CD, Compass Records, 2017). ??


Michael Packer "I Am The Blues - My Story - Vol 3" (CD, Iris Music Group, 2017). ??

Levi Parham "An Okie Opera" (CD, Horton Records, 2013/2017). ?? You can listen to "An Okie Opera" @ BandCamp!

People vs. Larsen "Loving Losing" (CD, One Trick Dog Records, 2015). ?? Check out People vs Larsen @ BandCamp!

Professor Louie and The Crowmatix "Crowin' The Blues" (CD, Woodstock Records, 2017). ?? Watch the ‘I’m On My Way’ extended play sessions @ Vimeo!

Quiles & Cloud "Shake me now" (CD, Compass Records, 2017). 2017 Californian singer/songwriter duo, with Maria Quiles providing lead vocals and guitar and Rory Cloud vocal harmonies and guitar. Most of the songs are originals, with the addition of a few traditional American songs and bob Dylan's "You ain't goin nowhere". These are Americana songs blending folk with pop, jazz, blues and more. Watch "Black Sky Lightning" from OneMic sessions @ YouTube!

Patty Reese "Let In the Sun" (CD, Azalea City Recordings, 2017). ?? Check out @ Patty's YouTube channel!

The Resonant Rogues "Hands in the Dirt" (CD, ??, 2017). ?? Watch The Resonant Rogues' ‘Long Way to Galway’ video @ The Boot!

Jason Ricci & The Bad Kind "Approved By Snakes" (CD, Eller Soul Records, 2017). ?? Watch Jason Ricci and The Bad Kind play Knuckleheads Garage @ YouTube!

Monica Rizzio "Willie Nelson (Live at The Grand Canyon)" (Video, 2017). ?? Enjoy the video of Monica Rizzio and Ben ?? playing "Willie Nelson" on the edge of the Grand Canyon @ YouTube!

Jim Roberts and The Resonants "“Beneath The Blood Moon" (CD, KKP Records, 2017). ??


David Rovics "Punk Baroque", "Live In Rostrevor" (CD/Download, 2017). ??

Curtis Salgado "The Beautiful Lowdown" (CD, Alligator Records, 2016). ??

The Secret Sisters "You Don't Own Me Anymore" (Video, 2017). ?? Check out / Watch / Listen to ?? @ YouTube!

She'Koyokh "First Dance on second Avenue" (CD, Riverboat Records , 2017). Another exponent of the thriving impressive London Klezmer scene, this seven piece band combines Klezmer and Balkan music. Celebrated by reviewers as one of the finest exponents of its kind, the band combines often wild dance tunes driven by clarinet and violin with often more solemn songs from Balkan and South Eastern European traditions. Watch "First Dance on second Avenue" trailer @ YouTube!

Shreem "Celtic Remixing" (CD, ??, 2017). ??

Gina Sicilia "Tug of War" (CD, Blue Elan Records, 2017). ??

Scott Smith "Down to Memphis" (EP, Own label, 2016); Scott Smith "The Sum of Life" (CD, Own label, 2015). ?? Watch "The Sum of Life" video @ YouTube!

Steve Soden & The Sweet Peas "Welcome to the Asylum" (CD/DVD, PB Music, 2017). ?? The album comes with a dvd video of the title track "Welcome to the Asylum," a tongue-in-cheek schlock horror B-Movie experience. Watch it @ YouTube!

Songhoy Blues "Résistance" (CD, PIAS, 2017). ??

Mary-Kate Spring Lee & Jim Hancock "A minstrel meets a harpist" (CD, Seasons, 2016). A collaboration of the harpist and singer of American Celtic band Seasons and Texas guitarist and vocalist Jim Hancock, this EP features six largely traditional songs and two tunes, mainly from British Isles origins, finishing off with a piece of Scottish mouth music.

Devon Sproule "The Gold String" (CD, Tin Angel Records, 2017). ?? Check out Devon Sproule's "The Gold String" @ BandCamp!

Lindsay Straw "The Fairest Flower of Womankind" (CD, ??, 2017). ??

Stevie J Blues "A Lil' Mo' Love" (Single/Video, 2017). ?? See the video for "A Lil' Mo' Love" @ YouTube!

Jon Strider "Soul Reunion" (CD, New Sky Records, 2016). ?? Check out Jon Strider @ BandCamp!


Nora Jane Struthers "Champion" (CD, ??, 2017). ??

Subsonic trio "Sonic migrations" (CD, Bafe's Factory, 2016). A Finnish world music project bringing together three musicians, from Finland, Australia and Brazil. Featuring percussion, flutes, liru and double bass, kalimba and Maori and Wagogo flutes, this is experimental world music, often built around shrill flute sounds and hypnotic percussion.

Sean Taylor "Flood & burn" (CD, Own label, 2017). London singer songwriter Sean Taylor[58] has been inspired by artists such as Townes van Zandt, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. His songs are a cocktail of folk, pop, blues and rock. The musical arrangements are highly appealing and varied; contemporary in style, they feature a pop / rock line up as well as violin, piano, harmonica and sax and trumpet. For me it's the arrangements accompanying the mellow and somewhat coarse singing of Sean Taylor that make this album. Watch the title track "Flood & Burn" @ YouTube!

Toxic Frogs "The Mermaid's Song" (EP, Own label, 2017). ?? Their first video clip, titled “Toxic Frogs,” mocks man's macho behavior. Check it out @ YouTube!

The Two Tracks "Postcard Town" (Video, 2017). ?? Watch "Postcard Town" @ YouTube!

The Unseen Strangers "Stranger Places" (CD, Stranger Music, 2016). ??

Vataff Project "Solьmen" (CD, Fusion Embassy, 2016. Bulgarian trio providing experimental electronic world music soundscapes composed by Victor Marinov featuring duduk, flugelhorn, guitar, mouth music and sound effects. A mix of ethnic music and electronics, the music is ambient and space-y, tribal and repetitive, and may lead the listener into a state of trance. You can listen to the complete album @ YouTube!

Joseph Veloz "Offerings" (CD, Own label, 2017). ??

Vintage #18 "Grit" (CD, Own label, 2017). ?? Watch ?? @!

Viper Central "The Spirit of God & Madness" (CD, Own label, 2017). ?? Full album stream @ BandCamp! Watch ‘The Mission’ @ YouTube!

Anton Walgrave "Where Oceans Meet" (CD, ??, 2016??). ??

Sean Watkins "Kool Aid" (CD, ??, 2017). ??

Willa and Company "Better Days" (CD, Building Records, 2016). ??

Woodscream "Octastorium" (CD, Adulruna Records, 2017). ??

Mike Younger "Little Folks Like You And Me" (CD, Divinerum Publishing, 2017). ?? Watch "Poisoned Rivers " @ YouTube!

The Young'uns "Be The Man" (Single/Video, Hereteu Records, 2017). ?? Listen to the album's first single "Be The Man" @ YouTube!

Zaindiveli "Sagar" (CD, Sketis Music, 2017). ??

Various Artists

"Balkan Trip" (CD, ??, 20??). ??

Deben Bhattacharya "Colours of Raga" (CD/DVD, ARC Music, ??/2017); ?? "Krishna In Spring" (CD/DVD, ARC Music, ??/2017). An ancient Sanskrit scholar defined music as the root of joy, but Deben Bhattacharya added that joy becomes even more meaningful when shared with others. ??

Various Artists "Best of Cuba" (CD, ARC Music, 2017). ??

Various Artists "YR20: Celebrating 20 Years of Yep Roc Hits" (Download, 2017). ?? Download @ NoiseTrade!

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