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Danny Kyle; drawing by Anke DammannDanny Kyle was one of the greatest and funniest Scotsmen we have ever met; these pages are to remember and remind, to laugh and talk about Danny.

Danny was one of the best known and best loved persons on the Scottish folk music scene. He was involved in virtually every good folk festival in Scotland; people chose their festivals just by his name. His popular Open Stages are legendary. He had a great sense of humour, he knew how to get on with people, he always wore the ugliest ties and a bonnie bonnet. On Sunday, 5th July 1998, Danny Kyle has passed away. He leaves a gap in the Folk Music World that will hardly ever be filled. Hopefully a bit of his spirit will live on in the international folk music scene.

Danny's great sense of humour and his character will never be forgotten by his many friends around the world. Anybody who has ever met Danny has his own great Danny Kyle story. Please help this site develop by contributing your Danny-Kyle-Story! Contact us!

Danny; photo by The Mollis
Danny Kyle obituaries
Obituary for a great man; The beautiful die young, the rest of us just linger on. Michael & Christian Moll take tribute.
Nachruf (German obituary); 'Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann' - ein Nachruf von Michael & Christian Moll

The Mollis' Danny Kyle photo album with little stories and a selection of Danny photos

Danny Kyle Stories and Ancedotes
"Just a wee remembrance of Danny", by David Bonaccorsi
"Danny quirky quickness", a story by the late Davy Steele
"I am not drunk" - A little Danny Kyle Story by Gerald Trebaticky (Germany)
"Recipe for a yoghurt" - A little Danny Kyle Story by Colum Sands
How Danny Kyle helped Roy Rogers to get into heaven; a great poem by Jim S. Dale on Dany arriving in heaven - courtesy of Stirling Folk Clubs' Folknotes


Reviews and bits and pieces of a world full of Danny Kyle legacies
Diverse bits and pieces of older and newer Danny Kyle news
Danny Kyle Recordings: Reviews of both Danny Kyle's new CD and the first Danny Kyle album from 1975
Danny Kyle's Open Stage lives on!; Danny Kyle's legacy lives on. Celtic Connections introduced the new way of Danny's Open Stages - and we can look forward into the future of the Open Stages
Danny Kyle Tribute Concert Review; Danny joins the ranks of the immortals! A great idea linked with a tribute event, in Stonehaven
Danny is back!; Danny could be seen again this year at several folk festivals in his typical look!

If you have any fond memories or little stories about Danny Kyle, please contribute it for this website! Send it to Folkworld.

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