FolkWorld #54 07/2014
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The Road to Clady

The related article has been withdrawn by the author.

I am a country servant serving in Collon
In a place they call New Hamilton,
   a grand old-fashioned town
‘Twas early in the morning at the hour of three
When I set off for Clady, the old grey mare and me

In the corner of the street, a bus I chanced to pass
And in the corner of the bus I spied a country lass
Says I, My pretty fair maid, come along with me
I’m going the road to Clady, the old grey mare and me

   Cheeks as red as roses, eyes a bonny blue
   Dancing, dancing pierce me through and through
   She fairly won my fancy, stole away my heart
   Jogging along to Clady on the sour milk cart

I asked her up beside me and on the cart she sat
I slipped an arm around her waist
   and soon began to chat
The birds in the bushes sweetly they did sing
The blackbirds and the thrushes
   how they made a forest ring

Well you’ve heard of lords and ladies
   making love in shady bowers
And how they woo awhile
   among the roses and the flowers
I'll never forget that morning. Cupid shot his dart
Jogging along to Clady on the sour milk cart

 Listen to The Road to Clady from:
    Craobh Rua, Patricia Daly, Dizzy Spell

 Watch The Road to Clady from:
    Ildanach, Ruth Keggin, Deirdre Starr, 
    Adam McNaughtan

Craobh Rua: I'd understand you if i knew what you meant

Craobh Rua

Artist Video Craobh Rua @ FolkWorld:
FW#2, #13, #15, #41, #50, #53

Photo Credits: (1)-(2) Craobh Rua (unknown/website).

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