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The Long Fingers


Artist Video Svøbsk @ FROG

Svøbsk is the name of a Danish folk music band gathered round the couple Maren Hallberg (accordion) and Jørgen Dickmeiss (violin, guitar, vocals). Svøbsk started out in 2003 and are one of the most active livebands on the folkstage in Denmark.

As a quartet they’ve allied themselves with the two great musicians Theis Langlands and Simon Busk and their contributions on piano and percussion complement most beautifully the closely knit musical patchwork of Svøbsk.

They find their inspiration from Scandinavian folk musicians and minstrels – past and present – and their own musical universe which is influenced by a great interest in European folk music in general. The repertoire consists of their own original tunes and songs occasionally mixed with traditional material.

Svøbsk play concerts bioth as Duo / Trio / Quartet. Their history includes tours and festivals in Canada, Norway, Poland, Germany, Austria, Scotland, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Finland.

Being “long fingered” is a Danish expression that means being prone to nicking things. “You’ve got to be “long fingered” when you create music and also borrow bits and pieces from musicians that came before you, in order to add to the genre. Besides, it’s often an advantage to have long fingers when you play an instrument. Hence the title to our album “Den langfingrede” (The longfingered).”

“With contributions from all band mambers we present a list of songs and tunes with each their tone and feeling from the folk music palette and we are looking very much forward to sharing with our public.“


»Svøbsk is pronounced: swirbsk – with the “ir” as in bird. It's the name of a dance, where you turn 'round and 'round in a close embrace until you get all “svøbsked”.«

Tracklist: Blodmåne | Nu flyver jeg | Forårstid | Roomster | Scenen er sat | Bramstrup / Den Langfingrede | Nordlys | Snowville | Den tabte vals | Morfars

Musicians: Maren Hallberg: Accordion; Jørgen Dickmeiss: Violin, Viola, Guitar, Jew's Harp, Vocal; Theis Langlands: Piano, Harmonica; Simon Busk: Percussion.

Svøbsk "Den langfingrede", GO' Danish Folk Music, 2021


Photo Credits: (1ff) Svøbsk (unknown/website).

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