Radio Skala - Around the World in 24 Hours

In summer 2011, FolkWorld's Karsten Rube started a new project, Radio Skala, with broadcasting his own radio shows at the internet. Twenty-four-seven you can listen to folk, world and jazz music, to some extent taken from the numerous CDs reviewed at FolkWorld and eventually brought to good use.

Furthermore, specific FolkWorld programs shall provide an acoustic platform for artists, which so far could only presented in writing.

FolkWorld Fundus is using the rich pool of CD’s, which were reviewed over the years.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 11am (CET)
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 6pm (CET)

FolkWorld Aktuell is dealing with music, that was reviewed in the recent issue.

Saturday 11am, Sunday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm (CET)

Please note, that due to the exploitation of rights by GEMA and GVL, Radio Skala can be received only in Germany and its neighbouring countries.

Playlist Folkworld Aktuell

FolkWorld #62:

Ablaye Constantinople, Andrea Pancur, Dry Dudes, Danny Dziuk, Franziska Guenther, Milagro Acustico, Olaf Sickmann, Maestral, Estusha, Gard Nergaard, Carla Pires, Ann Kiranne, Black Bank Folk, Winch, Arroyo Schläppi Engler, Garmarna

FolkWorld #61:

D’Mar & Gill, Nadine Maria Schmidt, Iontach, George Leitenberger, Franziska Guenther, Katie McNally Trio, Jason Rosenblatt, Steinar Aadnekvam, Katerina Tsiridou , Riviere Noire, Aidan Coffey, Ciaran Somers, Doolin, Project West, Stefan Straubinger, Stellmäcke und Trotzband, Kate Rusby, Runa, Katie McNally Trio, Iontach, Mike Sponza, Vibratanghissimo, Semer Ensemble, Diana Rasina, Faustus, Stoppok, Janna, Rachel Hair Trio, Kate Rusby, Runa, Katie McNally Trio, Iontach, Mike Sponza, Ciaran Somers, Danceperados of Ireland, Eileen Ivers, Horch, Lauren Adams, Matt Patershuk, New Celeste, Rachel Newton, Rachel Hair Trio, Joshua Burnell, New Road, Norbert Schneider, Paula Ryan, The Paul DesLauriers Band, Peter Kerlin, Project West, Rachael Sage, Robert Rex Waller Jr., The Rooster Cows , Stoppok, Teyr, Trail West, Jenny & Tyler, Ana Alcaide, Vibratanghissimo, Falk, Semer Ensemble, Okra Playground, Billy The Kid and The Regulators, Nadine Maria Schmidt & Frühmorgens am Meer, Allan yn y fan, Chase Walker Band, Cillian Vallely, Danceperados of Ireland, Doolin, Elanor, Janna, Don Stiffe & Pat Coyne, Diana Rasina, London Klezmer Quartet, Jason Rosenblatt, Franziska Guenther, The Brothers Nazaroff, Vetex, Cecile Corbel, Les Maries, Steinar Aadnekvam, Nadine Maria Schmidt & Frühmorgens am Meer, Rim, Stellmäcke & Trotzband, Vibratanghissimo, Anne Niepold & Gwen Cresens, Club des Belugas, Hekla Stålstrenga, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Bazar et Bémols, Nikitov, Falk, Tiffany Huggins Grant, Dmar & Gill, Joseph Myers, Sigmund Groven, Kathartina Tsiridou, Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, Joseph Parsons, Birlinn Jiarg, Ben Glover, Bodénès, Club des Belugas, Irfan, Reverend Shawn Amos, Sophia Magallanes, George Leitenberger, London Klezmer Quartet, Sigmund Groven, Katarina Tsiridou, Bandabaraka, Diana Rasina, Ben Glover, Chase Walker Band, Cillian Vallely, Deolinda, Elanor, Dan Frechette and Laurel Thoms, Don Stiffe, Dmar & Gill, Hekla Stålstrenga, Joseph Parsons, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Semer Ensemble, Aallotar, Cecile Corbel, Anne Niepold, Joseph Myers, Anne Keating, Arum, Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, Birlinn Jiarg, Sophia Magallanes, Tiffany Huggins Grant, Orchestre International du Vetex, Riviere Noire, Semer Ensemble, Sigmund Groven, Tocadeo, Unterbiberger Hofmusik, Vibratanghissimo, Nadine Maria Schmidt, Okra Playground, RIM, Nikitov, Birlinn Jiarg, Stellmäcke & Trotzband, Irfan, London Klezmer Quartet, Riviere Noire, Stellmäcke & Trotzband, George Leitenberger, Joseph Myers, Katerina Tsiridou, Joseph Parsons, Les Maries, Nadine Maria Schmidt, Nikitov, Semer Ensemble, Ben Glover, Aallotoar, Bazar et Bémols, Billy the Kid and The Regulators, Reverend Shawn Amos, Club des Belugas, Steinar Aadnekvam, Bandakadabra, Franziska Günther, Diana Rasina, Falk, The Brothers Nazaroff, Nessi Tausendschön, Annie Keating, Aoife Scott, Ben Glover, Birling Jiarg, Billy Bragg & Joe Henry

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