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In Germany on tour: The 10th St. Patrick's Day Celebration
Tour I: Jennifer Roland & Friends, North Cregg, Spirit of the West
Tour I: Rawlins Cross, Kieran Halpin & Martin Allcock, Tarras
Profile: What is Magnetic Music?

The 10th St. Patrick's Day Celebration Tour
Irish Visions & Irish Traditions

At the Irish national holiday, the St. Patrick´s Day, the Irish nation would like to embrace the world. On the European continent, the St. Patrick´s Day Celebration Festival has the "license to celebrate" since 9 years, and offers its ca. 30.000 visitors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the ultimative and exclusive possibility to be kissed by the Irish muses. Part of a real St. Patrick´s Day Feeling is also a concert hall decorated in an "Irish style", "Irish snacks" and the famous black beer.

The St. Patrick´s Day Celebration presnets the Ireland of yesterday as well as the Ireland of today. The Irish music scene reminds of a rainbow, that unites Irish Folk and Pop, Rock and Independent Bands. That these styles can fit, shows always the finale session with all the musicians of the festival in session on stage. It's a huge celebration.

Once again, two tours take place parallely: Tour I with Jennifer Roland & Friends, North Cregg and Spirit of the West and Tour II with Rawlins Cross, Kieran Halpin & Martin Allcock and Tarras.

Tour I

Jennifer Roland, press photo

Jennifer Roland - Fiddle Fairy from Cape Breton
In Cape Breton, Jennifer Roland is seen as one of the hottest fiddler acts; she has won already the respected "Tic Butler Memorial Awards". It is well worth to go to see her there, as she offers a bonus on stage: She knows to play fiddle and step dance at the same time!
Jennifer Roland CD on MMR: "Dedication" MMR CD 1023.

North Cregg
Coming from the town North Cregg in County Cork, the five piece band with the same name combines the rural traditions with the urban elemnts of a modern harbour town. The duo Fiddle/Accordeon is accompanied by a Keyborder, a Guitarist and a Drummer; their music is normally played to ceilidh dances. With John Neville, the band has also a quality singer and guitarist North Cregg's CD auf MMR: "...and we danced all night" MMR CD 1026.

SPIRIT OF THE WEST - Celtic Rock from British Columbia
The concept of the SPDCF is to introduce and support yet unknown young bands and artists. But for the 10th Jubilee Magnetic Music has decided to present all the fans and supporters a super group as a thank you. Spirit of the West is one of the best known and most successful Canadian Rock bands since decades, but they always stood to their sympathy to Irish folk.
For the SPDCF they have comitted themselves to play exclusively Celtic Rock on the tour. Magnetic Music Records have gained from WEA Canada and the Band the possibility to filter from Spirit of the West's current sis albums 12 songs, that show exclusively the Celtic face of the band. This sampler is called "Celtic Routes".
Spirit of the West are: John Man - guitar and vocals; Geoffrey Kelly - flute, bodhran, vocals; Vince Dittrich - drums and vocals; Hugh McMillan - chapman stick, mandola and vocals; Tobin Frank - bass, accordion, vocals.
New CD on MMR: "Celtic Routes" MMR CD 1025.

Tour II

Rawlins Cross, press photo

Rawlins Cross - Folk Rock from Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia, that is the home of Rawlins Cross, currently one of the best Celtic Folk Rock bands in the world. 100.000 CDs sold, nomination for the "Juno" (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy) in the category "Best Roots/Traditional Group", for years now, clubs and venues in Canada and the USA are sold out. This is exactly why Rawlins Cross is the ideal band, in the last round, to heat up the festival properly. In the wilds of Nova Scotia, they let their musical hardwoods grow, from which great songs of long lasting value are carved. Snappy E guitars, pounding drum and bass beats make the shavings fly and free the path for a Celtic core of pipes, whistles and accordion.
Rawlins Cross CD sub-published for Europe on MMR: "Make it on Time" MMR CD 1024.

Kieran Halpin & Martin Allcock
Kieran Halpin is not his first time on the St.Patrick's Day Celebration kennt. The Singer/Songwriter from Dublin is now back, this time with the exceptional English musician Martin Allcock.

TARRAS - celtic nomades
Tarras' grown out musical concept made it possible to have less than 10 months after the start of the band already a cover story in the English Folk Roots Magazine last October. Also, it was the first time ever that a band without record deal had a cover story in this worldwide important worldmusic mag. "Young, gifted, exciting and different...", were the attributes Tarras were introduced with. "They have the style and tunes to cross over to various musical genres but remain true to their roots." The music of TARRAS sounds excitingly modern, but still have the depth coming from a grown past. It has always been the concept of the SPDCF to give its visitors a very early outlook to what will become "up and coming" in the world of Irish Folk Music. Emma Hancock ( fid. ), Rob Armstrong ( citt., voc. ), Joss Clapp ( bass, guit., voc. ), Ben Murray ( acc. ) and John Redfern ( perc.) are a garanty that old traditions will stay a lively exciting music style. The SPDCF visitor has the chance to see them at the very start of their career.
New CD on MMR: TARRAS "Rising"; CD 1027


If you are based in Germany, go to the German version of the MMR column to win concert tickets and CDs!

What is Magnetic Music?
Magnetic Music stands for the fascination and appeal that music has on us. In the case of our company, it is especially World Music. We understand this expression in a global way, even if it seems to be from our past, that our world picture was limited to Celtic countries. When a child begins to walk, the first steps are only the beginnings of a worldly voyage, and as Magnetic Music was learning how to walk we happened to go in the direction of Ireland then further afield to Scotland and Brittany. We were so well received in these three countries that now, twenty years later, Magnetic Music is recognized in Germany's Celtic music scene as the market leader and adding to this, an important impulse giver and think tank internationally. Magnetic Music can be termed as an embassy for culture where the door has opened for artists, record companies, media people and music lovers alike.
The "Embassy" has two offices. One in Germany ( Reutlingen ) and one in Ireland ( Dublin ). Each office has four divisions: Tours, Label, Publishing and Local Promoter .
You can contact Magnetic Music at

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