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From Poets to Wives

Gigspanner Big Band

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Peter Knight @ FROG |

‘From Poets to Wives’ is a compendium of delights introducing you to one of England's best kept secrets.

Peter Knight’s Gigspanner
Tracks: She Moved Through The Fair | Bold Riley | The Blackbird | The Butterfly | Bows of London | Death and The Lady | Urban’s Reel | Si Bheag Si Mhor | Hard Times of Old England

Performers: Roger Flack – acoustic guitar; Vincent Salzfaas - percussion; Sacha Trochet - percussion; Peter Knight - violin.

Peter Knight’s Gigspanner "From Poets to Wives", Talking Elephant Records, 2021

Talking Elephant Records is delighted to announce a very special album from Peter Knight’s Gigspanner. Titled ‘From Poets to Wives’ it will be officially released on Friday 16 April 2021.

The nine track compilation has been especially curated by Peter Knight from earlier recordings that span 2009 to 2017. Band members Roger Flack, Vincent Salzfaas and Sacha Trochet chose their most favourite pieces from those that had proven most popular at their live gigs.

The idea for the release came from Talking Elephant’s director Malcolm Holmes. He explains that although Peter Knight is well known as a previous member of Steeleye Span, his work with Gigspanner was not getting the notice it deserved. Although the band had released several albums these were only ever available online through the website and at live gigs.

He suggested to Peter that with the help of distribution Gigspanner could be brought to the attention of a much wider audience and thereby increase sales. Given the absence of live work for well over a year this was also an opportunity to generate increased awareness.

The result is this compilation – a class album that truly reflects Gigspanner as one of the most genuinely ground breaking forces on the British folk scene. The time is right to share this well kept secret far and wide.

Photo Credits: (1)-(2) Peter Knight’s Gigspanner (unknown/website).

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