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Silk Road

Journey to Asia

Silk Road Festival

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Journey to Asia
Over the centuries traders and explorers travelled down the Silk Road to reach the far end of the Asiatic continent. Journey to Asia is a musical exploration taking in the cultural treasures from nineteen countries along the way: Baluji Shrivastav's Indian world music fusion group Re-Orient showcases the use of ghatam clay water pots with flutes, mandozither and kalimba (finger harp). Vietnamese zither player Tri Nguyen welcomes the prodigal son back hoem at the village gate with the sound of firecrackers in the air. UK based Heart of the Dragon Ensemble is crossing Lake Dongting with a musical setting of 12th century writer Zhang Xiaoxiang's poem. [wt]

Track Listing: Hossein Farjami (Iran) | Afghan Ensemble (Afghanistan) | Asif Bhatti & Ensemble (Pakistan) | Baluji Shrivastav's Re-Orient (India) | Bishwo Shahi (Nepal) | Tri Nguyen (Vietnam) | Heart of the Dragon Ensemble (China) | Fiesta Filipina (The Philippines) | Dulsori (South Korea) | Yamato Ensemble (Japan) | Bayarbaatar Davaasuren (Mongolia) | The Kambarkan Folk Ensemble (Kyrgyzstan) | Lök-Batan Folklore Group (Azerbaijan) | Ensemble Kereoni (Georgia) | Field Recordings: Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos, Taiwan, Uzbekistan (by Deben Bhattacharya, David Fanshawe)

Various Artists "Journey to Asia", ARC Music, 2019

Heart of the Dragon Ensemble: Chinese Festivals The Sound of Silk

Heart of the Dragon Ensemble "Chinese Festivals", ARC Music, 2019

Cheng Yu & Li Xiangting "The Sound of Silk - Chinese Strings", ARC Music, 2019

On the ancient Silk Road, newcomers interacted with locals fostering understanding, tolerance and respect for one other. Vancouver's Silk Road Festival last July featured exchanges between East and West through arts, food, travel and technology.

Why host the Silk Road Festival in Vancouver? Vancouver is the most ethnically and linguistically diverse modern metropolis on the Canadian West Coast. The crossroads between East and West.

So now for some not so completely different - ARC Music's new Journey to Asia compilation ...

Photo Credits: (1) Silk Road, (2) Silk Road Festival, (3) Journey to Asia, (4),(7) Heart of the Dragon Ensemble, (5) Baluji Shrivastav, (6) Tri Nguyen, (8) The Sound of Silk (unknown/website).

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