FolkWorld Issue 42 07/2010

by Adolf Goriup

Elisabeth & Marlene Schuen (Ganes) The current year is proceeding rapidly and we, the writers, receive albums from all over the world, recently published CDs as well as such from the past years. Besides the new publications of well-established acts there are plenty of young talented artists who deliver a stunningly innovative sound. Not all of them play folk music and purists might chip in with a lack of authenticity.

But what is folk music? Isn’t it the music of the people (folks)? Pop music also is deduced from the Latin word populus = people. Thus we can define the meaning of the term folk as the music played by and for the people. I am an enthusiast of all kinds of music and I cherish a new version of 'Foggy Dew' with an innovative arrangement as well as a self-crafted song by a young interpret, even though it might be another musical style.

Inka Kuchler & Irene Schindeles (Vivid Curls) At the end of the year it comes to establish a list of our ten favourite albums of the current year. Already now I’ve discovered ten brilliant albums that deserve to be listed as a Top Ten album, but there will be plenty new CDs to be reviewed and at the end I will have to make my choice and with a heavy heart erase some brilliant albums from my list. As a matter of course our Top Ten lists are a matter of taste. Nevertheless as a reviewer I also consider musical and vocal abilities, the quality of arrangements and recordings, and last but not least the lyrics. And sometimes I try to give young talented musicians a hand and choose them instead of a well-established artist.

Then the list is published and little later I receive another CD that should be listed as a Top Ten album, but it’s too late ... Put in a nutshell: our reviews and Top Ten lists shall introduce an overview of recently published CDs to our readers, newcomers as well as established acts, and along the way the artists get a feedback, which is very important for young talents.

Adolf „gorhand“ Goriup

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