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By Michael Moll

Your are having in front of you FolkWorld's 30th issue - isn't unbelievable how time flies! I can well remember the birth of FolkWorld No. 1, going live at 2am, after a concert visit of The Iron Horse, on the 1st November 1997. We had no idea back then how long FolkWorld would go for, and now, without noticing the time fly by, 30 issues have been published. And FolkWorld, in particular through FROG, has become an indispensable and huge resource for European folk music.

FolkWorld has not changed a lot since then - apart from getting bigger and bigger - but the folk environment has changed quite a bit. There has been an explosion of folk music CDs been produced - producing CDs is now cheaper than ever. And very recently, the first download store specialised in folk music has opened its doors - or rather screen? - to the folk music world. All technological progress has not changed though that the folk music scene across the European continent is still thriving. As per usual in the first issue of the year, FolkWorld again showcases some of the CD highlights of the last year, proving that there are plenty of exciting young bands still coming up - while the old folk heroes are also still producing impressive music.

Apropos technology - one thing that has also increased enormously are spam mails, filling FolkWorld's mailboxes. With the high percentage of spam, it happens easily that also other mails are deleted without being read. To ensure that we find your mail, ideally start the subject of your mails with "FolkWorld".

To celebrate FolkWorld's 30th issue, we have a CD give away, as well as presenting our readers another bumper issue, with about 200 CD reviews and plenty of articles. We also celebrate another institution which had recently its 30th edition - the Tonder Festival - with a photo review and a German live review.


Michael, FolkWorld Editor

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