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FolkWorld CD Reviews

CD Reviews in English - Page 1
Karl Seglem "Nye Nord" Norway
Isglem "Fire" Norway
Utla "Song" Norway
GOZE - Gezellig Onderuit Zonder Elektrik Belgium
Mercedes Peon "Ajr" Spain
Lecker Sachen "Universum d'Amour" Germany
Ammaracciccappa! "...ecciccapparrappa" Italy
Tarujen Saari "Levoton Hauta" Finland
Egin "il colore delle idee" Italy
The Transports Silver Edition England
Lunasa "The Kinnitty Sessions" Ireland
Pete Lashley: "Gravel" England
Sean Keane: "Valley of the Heart" Ireland
Rachel: "Both Sides" Wales
Catherine Craig & Brian Willoughby: "I Will" England
de Fries & D.Beck: "Balance" Denmark
Chris Jones: "Roadhouses & Automobiles" US/Germany
Various artistes: "canu'r pridd" Wales
CD Reviews in English - Page 2
Paxton/Hills/Gibson:"Best of Friends" US
Battlefield Band: "Out for the Night" Scotland
Hedningarna "1989-2003" Finland
Bulgarian Voices Angelite "Angels Christmas" Bulgaria
Sois belle "Sois belle" Belgium
Media aetas "Li turchi viaggiano di Roberto De Simone" Italy
Vilddas "Haliidan" Finland
Cantos wiwa "Cantos Wiwa" Columbia
Sinikka Langeland "Runoja" Norway
Sinikka Langeland "Stjerneklang" Norway
Curenta alternata "Giue" Italy
Bidaia "Oihan" Spain
Raushan Orazbaeva "Akku" Kazakhstan
Voxology "Live (demo)" US
Anonimi "Sto labyrintho" Greece/Germany
Triskilian "Triskilian" Germany
De piotto's "Gipsy passion" Belgium
Crifiu "Di periferia" Italy
Schrammel + slide "Pow wow" Germany
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Flook's Rubai - voted by FolkWorld's editors as best CD of 2004
CD Reviews in English - Page 3
Dobrek bistro "live" Poland/Austria
Khupe " Hey misher" Germany
Tan "Yar diye diye / Longing for you" Turkey
Veronica Mortensen "Pieces in a puzzle" Denmark
Daud Khan "Tribute to Afghanistan" Afghanistan
Vladimir Denisenkov "Guzulka" Ukraine
Wiener tschuschenkapelle "Exil" Austria
Zydeco playboys "Superficial Satisfaction" US
Ray Abshire and friends "For old times sake" US
Jim McKillop "The Floating Bowhand" [Video DVD] Ireland
Ceoltone "Ride a Mile" Ireland
Cass Meurig "Crwth" Wales
Tim Dennehy "Between the Mountains and the Sea" Ireland
Dr Faustus "The First Cut" England
Filska "A Thousand Miles Away" Scotland
The Beaton Family of Mabou "Cape Breton Fiddle & Piano Music" Canada
Mark Evans "A Rival Heart" England
Patsy Watchorn "Hearts on Fire" Ireland
CD Reviews in English - Page 4
Carl Nelkin "Irish Heart - Jewish Soul" Ireland
Metropolitan Klezmer "Mosaic Persuasion" US
Metropolitan Klezmer "Surprising Finds" US
Isle of Klezbos "Greetings from the isle of Klezbos" US
P.P. Slaggart "Tales from a Whisky Town" Ireland
Glengarry Bhoys "Rhoots" Canada
Glengarry Bhoys "In a Big Country" Canada
Taxi Chain "Smarten Up!" Canada
Konaboj "Ja sa kona bojim" Czechia
Show of Hands "Country Life" England
Show of Hands "The Path" England
The Deanna Varagona Trio "The Goodbyes Have All Been Taken" US
Martyn Joseph "Whoever it was that brought me here will have to take me home" Wales
Darrell Scott "Theatre of the Unheard" US
Cosmic Drone "Cosmic Drone" France
The Fenians "Every Day's a Hooley" US
Kinky Friedman "Sold American" US
The Hackberry Ramblers "Cajun Boogie" US
The Hackberry Ramblers "Deep Water" US
"Make 'Em Dance - The Hackberry Ramblers Story" [Video] US
CD Reviews in English - Page 5
V/A "Simptico: A Tribute to Finn" Ireland
V/A "Beautiful - A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot" Canada
V/A "The Gathering - Great Celtic Pipers" Various
V/A "Gaelic Ireland" Ireland
"Blasket Island Reflections" Ireland
Peter Puma Hedlund "Vgen" Sweden
"Trad Magazine: 15 ans - 15 Groupes Vol. 1" France
Annie Grace "take me out dancing tonight" Scotland
Tannahill Weavers "Arnish Light" Scotland
Zar "Tusind tanker" Denmark
Session A9 "What Road?" Scotland
Laiksne "Es jauna budama" Latvia
Laiksne "Janu nakti zelta rasa" Latvia
Krauka "stiklur" Denmark
La Talvera "Pble mon Pble" France
La Talvera "Faguem Ribta" France
Last Night's Fun "Tempered" England/Ireland
Old Blind Dogs "the gab o mey" Scotland
Wolfgang Meyering "Malbrook" Germany
Jim Malcolm "Live in Glenfarg" Scotland
Review Specials in Englisch
T:-)m's Nightshift - Book Reviews various

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CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 1
Miquel Gil "Organic" Spanien
Sharon Shannon "Libertango" Irland
Blmann Blmann Norwegen
Burlakat "Magie" Finnland
Baltinget "Classic" Dänemark
Norah Jones "Feels like home" USA
Maria Teresa "O mar" Frankreich
Vsen Trio Schweden
VA "Fragua Futura - Junger Flamenco aus Spanien" Spanien
Jobim-Morelenbaum "Quarteto" Brasilien
Trio Hardanger Norwegen
Over stog og Steen "Til almuen" Norwegen
Les charbonniers de l'enfer "Chancon a capella" Kanada
Les charbonniers de l'enfer "W" Kanada
Jaime Roos "Concierto Aniversario" Uruguay
Zulya "elusive" Tataristan
Pubside Down "keen on green" Schweiz
Hotel Palindrone "Samo Riba" Östereich
CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 2
Wolthr "Trier by night" Deutschland
Sen Tyrrell "Man of Galway - The Best of Sen Tyrrell" Irland
Yalla Babo Express Orchestra "Limon?" Deutschland
Johan Meijer "Von der Maas bis and die Memel" Niederlande
Matthias Kieling "Unfolked" Deutschland
Hiss "Polka fr die Welt" Deutschland
Lady Godiva "Zooperation" Deutschland
The Saw Doctors "Live in Galway" Irland
The Saw Doctors "Live in Galway" [DVD Video] Irland
Capercaillie "Who Will Raise Their Voice?" Schottland
Janis Ian "Live - Working Without a Net" USA
Trio Balkan Strings "Guitares des Balkans" Balkan
Na Mahones Inis Beag "Not to Tame" Irland
Abi Wallenstein "Step in Time" Deutschland
Silberfisch "Im Namen des Fisches" Deutschland
Ludwig Hirsch "Perlen" Östereich
V/A "Armut war schuld daran" Deutschland
Willie Mac Art "Take these sunken eyes" Deutschland
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T:-)m's Nachtwache: Buchrezensionen various

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