Issue 20 12/2001

The FolkWorld Editorial

This time by FolkWorld's new FROG editor Walkin' Tom.


Four years ago, two men set on on a journey ...

It hasn't come to an end. Here's the 20th issue of the FolkWorld magazine. What had started out of the blue has grown bigger and bigger. We review CDs, books, festivals and concerts. The incoming mail shows us that there is a lot of interest in the web community.

FolkWorld is a kind of magazine-type site with current news and articles, but we consider it also as a comprehensive source for folk, trad, world and roots music. So we're proud to announce that we reworked and relaunched the Folk & Roots Online Guide (FROG). It includes the entire FolkWorld content of the previous four years as well as links and hints to artists, festivals and sessions worldwide.

FolkWorld always was and still is a non-commercial venture. But, mind you, we have also expenses to keep up the site and our extensive correspondence. It is possible to advertise in FolkWorld/FROG for quite reasonable prices. And, folks, if there's anybody out there who like to share his knowledge about music, musicians, instruments, tunes, songs, sounds, history, whatever. Give us a call, we're prepared to listen.

So, in one way or another, we're pleased to meet you here again. Or at a festival or a concert round the corner. Best wishes!

Your FolkWorld Team.

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